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JOYJOY Village Guide

JOY JOY Village Guide


JOYJOY is eautiful pension style inn.
On the 1st floor is the diving service. The 2nd floor offers lodging and dining.
(Meals in JOYJOY are only for Village gests.)
There are China rose and banana trees in the entrance.

Even if it says it what VILLAGE is well received that the meal is delicious.
Most customers are repeat customers.
Please come to play, to the VILLAGE that offers delicious meals and lovely clean room.

The staff greets you at the harbor in our white JOYJOY VAN.

one person takes a extra charge ( plus 1,100enn )
Western-style room <NO SMOKING ROOM>
.( per person )
( Room is for 1`3 people)
Includes bathroom
TV,air conditionerequipment

Japanese-style room <NO SMOKING ROOM>
. ( per person )
(Room is for 1`3 people)
Floor bedding.
Shared bathroom
TV,air conditioner.

Dining room <NO SMOKING ROOM>
White tables and chairs, and summer lounging equipment.
Wonderful time relaxing under the starlit sky in the courtyard.
  >> Access to the Breathtaking KERAMA,ZAMAMI IS.
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